2017 BMW i3 Price,Release date,Concept,Review

BMW comes up with something totally new, the Munich car maker is embarking on the production of urban electric vehicles.

Besides the traditional BMW model series offers a variety of M, X and most recently also. The first representative of a completely new range is the i3 model, four-meter hatchback with a purely electric drive. It is the first series-produced BMW kind for the Munich car maker but really this is just a culmination of a long evolution of various prototypes. For the same concept already presented BMW E1 of 1991, but it was never any production.

2017 bmw i3 concept

2017 BMW i3 Interior

Unconventional is also the interior design. Provides access to the inside on each side of the pair of opposing opened gullwing doors, which will cover a no center pillar – similar solutions already tried a BMW with the Mini Clubman. The cabin is betting on a futuristic concept that loosely paraphrased traditional design of model series. A clear reference to the location of other BMW screen multimedia system, control panel and radio or iDrive multifunction steering wheel design. Apart from the keys but they are all part of the interior conceived always at least a little peculiarly.

Sits relatively high, large glass area makes it easier to view forward and to the side. The materials used inside are recycled or biological origin. For example, the seats are upholstered in natural leather that is dyed chemistry instead of olive leaves, wool or recycled textiles. The area beneath the windscreen and door panels are part of a matt black finish. But it is made of recycled plastic, and not exposed carbon parts – even be seen, however, for example on the inside sill or around the hinges, wherein the carbon is intentionally without varnish.

2017 bmw i3 interior

2017 BMW i3 Exterior

i3 comes with a revolutionary body structure, the lower part is made of aluminum, while the cabin forming composite materials based on carbon. Therefore managed to keep the weight low, makes 1195 kg, 230-kilogram batteries despite. Just as unconventional materials used, so it is unusual and design. i3 new way of interpreting traditional motif kidneys, now blinded and really represent a mere design element. The designers are not afraid to experiment with the shape or the side glazing, to join the black bonnet (below the space on the location of the charger) and the tailgate.

Other proportions are also body, since all units are concentrated backwards and battery found in the floor. 3999 mm long car therefore has short overhangs and a relatively high build, height measuring 1578 mm. Traction motor power of 125 kW is located at the rear and using a single-stage gearbox and differential drives the rear wheels. One of the few comments conventional cars, the location of the fluid cooler to the front bumper, a powerful electric motor, whose structure not in the least resemble aggregates used in hybrids, is needed for optimal performance custom cooling.

2017 bmw i3 changes

2017 BMW i3 Engine

Under his right ankle driver is ready 250 Newton meters. That is not so unusual value has the same maximum BMW 118i (1.6-liter turbo / 125 kW), but also be a petrol 1.4 TSI / 103 kW in the new Octavia and golf and such HDi turbo diesel 1.6 / 84 kW and Citroen has even 270 Nm On the electric motor is of course an interesting one crucial fact: the maximum torque is available from rest of revolutions to 4800 min-1 when the unit reaches its maximum output of 125 kW. Eventually, the power of the electric motor decreases only slowly, the maximum speed of 8000 min-1 is still around 105 kW. That’s why i3 makes do with only one gear for forward.

Immediately available power behind great value acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h time of 7.2 seconds is again consistent with the BMW 118i. But this is nothing against the elastic acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h i3 single movement of the right foot works out for 4.9 seconds. Because overtaking is extremely easy.

2017 bmw i3 release date

2017 BMW i3 Price and Release date

the based model of this car will be round from € 35,000 – €  33,000. Expected release date of new model 2017 BMW i3 : Spring 2016 (796)