2017 Audi TT RS Release date,Price,Review

Although the new Audi TT will be available on the U.S. market during 2015 its RS version is expected in 2017. This is the second generation of this high performance car. It is possible to no official pictures or info, only renders, which might be depending on the new 2016 TT and current TT RS.

2017 Audi TT RS release date

2017 Audi TT RS Engine

Audi TT has so far made do with 265 kW and up to date and packed with the hatchback version of the RS 3 is still about 5 kW more powerful, the new TT RS should, however, get beyond 400 horsepower, or rather 408 horsepower, which is 300 kW (more recently while talk of “only” 280 hp). This should be achieved by using a larger turbo and reprogramming electronic note, however, with the classic exhaust turbocharger, electricity is said to have a diesel car filled with more meaning.

While the maximum speed is given options for Audi displacement limiter to 280 km / h, strengthened TT RS should handle the acceleration from zero to a hundred around four seconds. The engine should retain power at low and medium engine speeds at Rs 3, which is about 465 Nm starting at 1625 / min, but it will have the maximum, shifted by about 400 rpm higher.

2017 Audi TT RS Engine

2017 Audi TT RS Exterior

For this step, yet we do not have a tendency to look only automakers to downsizing, but also an evolutionary version of the MLB platform. It uses lightweight materials, making news will weigh fifty kilos less than the current model. If you can while this figure does not seem to be exactly groundbreaking, you can reach for the Ultra version, which comes with additional diet. The lighter the air conditioning compressor, alternator or aluminum body panels, will also be lighter alloy wheels with hollow spokes.

2017 Audi TT RS review

2017 Audi TT RS Price

The Audi TT RS will be around 60,000 $ on base model.