2017 Audi Q3 Specs,Changes,Review

So far, the smallest SUV from Audi experienced for model year 2015 cosmetic changes, the engines were transferred to the new emission standard and RS Q3 serving gained more power.

2017 audi q3 specs

2017 Audi Q3 Changes

Q3 is visually changed only slightly, as it is at the mark broadly conventional. The traditional trapezoidal single-frame mask worsened recognize the new model especially in these places by widespread chrome that extends to the front lights. The smallest Audi easy terrain can be both a combination of xenon lamps and LED daytime as well as fully utilizing modern lighting technology. Back diodes are always there for the incandescent encounter. Even the shape of the end has undergone subtle retouching.

2017 audi q3 review

2017 Audi Q3 Engine

The offer remained the only turbocharged engines, but which meet the Euro 6 standard four-cylinder Gasoline representing 1.4 TFSI / 110 kW and 88, respectively, 2.0 TFSI versions 132 and 162 kW. Clean diesel 2.0 TDI have 110 or 135 kW. The consumption of all units fell by an average of 17%, the most economical diesel versions ultra lower power burns only 4.4 l / 100 km. But the highlight of petrol continues to Q3 RS version with enhanced pětiválcem 2.5 TFSI / 250 kW. It now gives up to 450 Nm, which transmits the seven-speed S tronic transmission via the clutch 5th generation on both axles. Seven serves to fuel savings, lower levels are stacked close together. Crossover sprints from zero to a hundred during the obligatory 4.8 were going 250

2017 audi q3 interior

2017 Audi Q3 Exterior and Interior

They are equipped with rear LED diodes standard and have a slightly sophisticated graphics. Changed is the rear bumper. Versions with new sporty S line packages can boast a complete painted plastic parts and 19-inch wheels. On top of the stand but the full version RS Q3, which has them in series and surcharge even it offers drives with size 20 inches. The interior has undergone only Retouch. The biggest change is a new electrically-operated seats and a newer version of the MMI multimedia interface, enabling connection to the internet and by use of Audi connect services applications.

MMI serves now as a powerful WiFi hot spot for mobile devices crews. For RS Q3 interface is accompanied by a stopwatch function, turbo pressure gauge and thermometer oil. Q3 but caught competitors and newer models of the VW Group in driver assistance systems. Most changes took place but under the hood. Audi declares that the modernization will have this model Euro 6 engines with lower average consumption by 17%.

2017 audi q3 amg

2017 Audi Q3 Price and Release date.

Price of the base model will be around from 30,000 $ and Expected release date for new model Q3 : July 2016. (610)